Board Definition of College Mission Statement

Office of Origin: Board of Trustees
Date Adopted: 01-27-98
Date Reviewed: 08-22-08
Last Date Modified & Approved:

Policy Statement:

The philosophy of Lake Michigan College, an institution of higher education, is founded on the belief that education is for all who wish to develop their potential. It is fundamental that a community college assist in meeting the educational, career, cultural, wellness and recreational needs of the community it serves. This involves a five-fold obligation.

  • To provide for the educational aspirations, needs and learning expectations of the individual and the community;
  • To provide for the occupational needs and desires of the learner and the community;
  • To provide for the cultural interests and the wellness and recreational needs of the individual, and thus contribute to the development of effective citizens;
  • To provide an assurance of quality for programs and in people; and
  • To develop an international perspective that prepared students, employees, and community members for a world economy and global citizenship.