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Guided Educational Pathway Planning (GEPP) Course Requirement (Policy)

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Academic Affairs
Responsibility: Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs
Date Adopted: TBD
Dates Reviewed: 10-08-2019, 12-10-2019, 08-09-2021
Last Date Board Approved: 2-25-2020

The Guided Educational Pathway Planning (GEPP) 100 course is a required, non-credit course designed to provide students with an introduction to their Educational Pathway, a cluster of majors aligned with similar career interests and pathways. Students will explore characteristics necessary for success in their education, careers, and life. Students will articulate long- and short-term career and life goals in order to identify an aligned educational pathway to meet those goals. Students will research current trends within their chosen career field and develop a personalized academic plan to achieve their goals with support from an Academic and/or Faculty Advisor.

All incoming students are required to enroll in the GEPP 100 course unless the student meets one or more of the following exemptions:

  1. Students in specific, employer-sponsored programs
  2. Early College students
  3. Guest and/or Personal Interest students
  4. Academic Advisor recommendation. This exemption is used in rare cases when a transfer in students enters with a well-established pathway, demonstrated that they have researched career options, have a clear career goal(s) in mind, understands the nature of the field they have chosen to pursue, AND understand the educational pathway to reaching their career goal(s).

Any student can enroll in GEPP 100 regardless of their exemption status.

The GEPP 100 course supports Guided Pathways reforms, which include mapping pathways to student end goals, helping students choose and enter a program pathway, keeping students on path, and ensuring students are learning.

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