Authority to Purchase

The responsibility for the procurement of goods and services has been delegated to the Purchasing & Support Services Department by the Vice President, Financial Services acting on behalf of, and through the authority of the President and the Board of Trustees.

All funds deposited with the College, regardless of source, are College funds and must be handled in accordance with College policy and procedures. Although departments are allocated funds in their budgets for a given period, this allocation is only an authority to requisition, not to purchase.

The College is not financially obligated for supplies, equipment or services ordered and delivered without first obtaining a College purchase order, use of the College procurement card, or other approved purchasing method.

Code of Ethics

The Purchasing Department is charged with the responsibility of conducting the purchasing function in a manner which results in the greatest benefit for the College, and which will be accomplished in accordance with ethical practices of the purchasing profession. The Purchasing & Support Services Office subscribes to the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) code of ethics which governs the relationships between purchasing professionals and their suppliers.

Conflict of Interest with Vendors

Employees of the Lake Michigan College are expected to conduct business according to the highest legal and ethical standards. For the protection of the College, as well as the employee, employees must maintain a high degree of integrity in dealing with all past, current, and potential suppliers providing goods and services to the College.

All College employees are to avoid accepting any kind of gratuities, tips, or gifts. This includes merchandise, cash, services, entertainment, and other courtesies. It is essential to both the College and its suppliers that all decisions and actions regarding purchasing are based upon proper business considerations and are not influenced in any way by personal obligations.


  • Calendars, desk novelties, or similar advertising items of less than $25 in value (this dollar limit will be reviewed and revised in accordance with IRS limits on business gift deductions);
  • Reasonably priced meals accepted in settings where College business is conducted;
  • Textbooks, recorded media, software, or similar work-related items for which the school is not being charged;
  • Acceptance of monetary or near-money items such as cash, gift cards, gift certificates, business credits, tokens and other cash substitutes is strictly prohibited. However, gift cards and gift certificates that may be used by the receiver's department for operating supplies or equipment may be accepted provided acceptance is approved by the department head. Disclosure guidelines must be followed even when accepting such gift cards and certificates for department use.

Purchasing staff and any other staff member whose primary function is to oversee the solicitation and selection of firms to provide goods and services to Lake Michigan College shall be strictly prohibited from accepting any gift or gratuity, regardless of value.