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Communication is not just about public speaking. Organizational methods, interpersonal skills, and public relations are involved in communication.

Communication is a social process. It links humans through the formation, announcement, and response of a message, both verbal and non-verbal. Communication focuses on the analysis of these links and the paths that people take to interpret and understand messages.

Coursework at Lake Michigan College prepares you with the communication foundation that you will build upon as you transfer onto a four-year college or university.

Career Information

Communication teaches interpersonal skills and how to work with others. These skill sets are desirable in most professions.

Careers in communication will have you working with people as the focus of the job. In business you will work with the human resources, management, or sales departments.

Typical careers fields in Communication include:

  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Sales.. read more
Classroom Experience

"Many students have anxiety when it comes to public speaking," says Lake Michigan College instructor Sharon Klemm. "My goal is not to make students' anxiety go away, instead I want students to learn to manage it, and not be paralyzed by the thought of speaking in front of a group." read more

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