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Radiologic Technology
Radiologic Technology

To properly treat ailments, physicians often need to see what is going on inside the body. That's where radiologic technology comes into play. Tools such as x-ray imaging, CT scans, and other imaging technologies give health care workers the ability to diagnose everything from bone fractures to cancer and even analyze brain activity levels.

Radiologic technologists are highly trained health care workers who blend science, art, and compassion together to produce the images that lead to answers and treatment.

Find out more about the Radiologic Technology program admission requirements:

Career Information

Radiologic technologists perform a wide range of duties to produce images of the tissue, organs, bones, and vessels of the body. They prepare patients for imaging by explaining the procedure and positioning the person so the parts of the body can be properly radiographed. 

In addition to working directly with the patient and operating imaging equipment, radiologic technologists follow physicians' orders, keep patients' records, and adjust and maintain the equipment they use. read more

Classroom Experience

Lake Michigan College's Radiologic Technology program prepares students for entry-level radiologic technology positions. You will learn concepts in the classroom and the opportunity to practice those concepts in clinical settings.

New Radiologic Technology students begin their course sequence during the fall semester. Because of the sequence of courses and clinical requirements, students must commit to a full-time schedule of coursework which lasts for 21 consecutive months. read more

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