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Show Off Your Talents

LMC students have access to over $300,000 in scholarships awarded by the College each year. They are competitively awarded for good grades, area of study, special interests, or financial need. One of the most prestigious is the full-ride Presidential Scholar Award. Several are given out each year, covering full tuition, and fees.

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Apply Now for Scholarships
  • Priority consideration for 2015 High School Graduates for all Lake Michigan College scholarships will begin December 2014 and will continue until scholarship funds are exhausted. LMC will notify students if they are awarded a scholarship.

  • Returning students should have scholarship applications submitted by May 1 for priority awarding. Scholarship awarding will begin after Spring 2015 grades have been posted.
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    Scholarships are designed to:

    • Recognize talent, leadership, and academic excellence
    • Provide financial assistance
    • Encourage you to start or continue a college education, receive training to become employable, or advance within a particular career

    What are scholarships?
    Scholarships are gift funds based on high academic achievement, special talent, a particular major, or financial need. You do not have to repay scholarships.

    Who is eligible?
    To receive a scholarship at LMC, you must:
    1. Be accepted for admission into a program leading to a degree or certificate.

    To be accepted to LMC, you must:

    • Complete an Application for Admission.
    • Have your final high school transcripts or GED results submitted to LMC.

    2. Be enrolled at least half time--six credit hours (for most scholarships).
    3. Meet the other qualifications of the specific scholarships.

    What do scholarships pay for?
    You may use your scholarship to pay for tuition and fees only (not books), unless otherwise specified.

    When should I apply? 
    Priority consideration for 2015 High School Graduates for all LMC scholarships will begin December 2014.  Returning students should have scholarship applications submitted by May 1 for priority awarding. Scholarship awarding will begin after Spring 2015 grades have been posted.
    Applications will be accepted after that date but awards will be based on what funds are still available after priority applications have been considered.

    How will I be notified?
    If you receive a scholarship, you will receive a letter from the Financial Aid Office that will explain the terms of the scholarship. You will also be expected to write a letter of thanks to the donor of your scholarship.


    Outside Scholarships

    Berrien Community Foundation Scholarships
    The Berrien Community Foundation offers several scholarships to Berrien County residents. The  scholarship listed below is for Lake Michigan College students. If you meet the scholarship criteria, we encourage you to download the scholarship application, complete all the application requirements, and forward them to the office listed on the scholarship application.

    Privately Funded Scholarships
    In addition to the LMC scholarships, many aid dollars are made available through local social groups, professional associations, civic organizations, business concerns, churches, unions, etc. Private funds vary greatly from community to community.

    We encourage you to do the following to determine if scholarships are available to you:

    • Contact your local community organizations such as the Elks Club, American Legion, Kiwanis, Rotary Club, Women's Clubs, and other civic, fraternal, or religious groups.
    • Contact local businesses and industries.
    • Conduct an Internet search to look for college scholarship information. You can try the following scholarship web searches: FastWeb and College Board

    Michigan Competitive Scholarship
    The Michigan Competitive Scholarship is available to undergraduate students pursuing their first degrees at an approved Michigan post-secondary institution. Students must demonstrate both financial need and merit and eligible applicants must achieve a qualifying ACT score prior to entering college. The current award is up to $676 per academic year.

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