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  • Workforce Training & Development
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Enhance your skills to get the job you want

Change – it’s what we are all talking about. It could start with you and the right decisions you make today. Do you want to improve your situation? One of the best ways is through education and it can start right now with Lake Michigan College’s Workforce Training Institute. What do you want to do? We can help you become the person that stands out in today’s workforce.

             Apply for $200 Career Cash for Short Term Training
             For more information contact Chad Dee at (269) 926-6832

Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded for enrollment in many non-degree programs. The CEU is a nationally recognized standard unit of measure for substantive, non-degree learning experience which meet certain professional criteria. One CEU is equal to 10 instructional hours. For more information on CEUs, call the Workforce Training Institute at (269) 926-4296.

Customized Training through Community and Business Services

Employee training helps businesses operate more competitively and efficiently. We can develop a training program tailored to the needs of your business and deliver that latest in workforce training taught by industry-recognized professionals. We have the tools to help your business or organization succeed and the resources to help it grow. Contact Debbie Gillespie at (269) 926-4293 for more information.

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