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COVID-19 Response


Do not come to campus if you are having symptoms of COVID-19.

Please notify LMC if you begin having symptoms after you visit campus - complete the COVID-19 Self-Report.

  • Masks are optional, but may be required for some courses - check with your instructor.

The CDC recommends you get vaccinated and stay up-to-date with boosters.  

If you need assistance in finding a vaccination site, visit the CDC's vaccine website

Thank you for helping to keep our college community safe.   

Your Responsibilities on Campus

  • Do not come to campus if you are having symptoms of COVID-19. Do not come to campus if you are feeling ill.

  • Notify LMC if you begin having symptoms after being on campus - complete the COVID-19 Self-Report.
  • Wear a mask in class if required by your instructor.
  • Keep each other safe.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth. Wash hands frequently.
  • If you become sick on campus, go home immediately. Contact a staff member for instructions if you need to wait for a ride.

Safety Measures

The safety of students, employees and visitors is our top priority at Lake Michigan College. We continue to place sanitizer at building entries and masks are available to all students, employees and guests at the main reception of each building.

The CDC recommends that you "wear a high-quality mask or respirator (e.g., N95) any time you are around others inside your home or indoors in public" if you are exposed, regardless of vaccination status. 

The College continues to supply surgical masks upon request at each building front desk.  Additionally, KN95 masks are available to all students and employees as they are more effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19 than cloth or surgical masks.

What is a KN95? 

KN95 masks reduce the amount of dust or virus particles a person breathes in by approximately 95 percent. 

How do I obtain a KN95?  

Complimentary KN95 masks are being made available to students, faculty and staff. Faculty and staff may request from the Benton Harbor Campus mailroom and South Haven and Niles campus offices; students may request from their instructors for in-person classes. Additional masks will be provided to instructors through their academic divisions. Requests may be limited to no more than one per person per week, so we can assure that everyone who wants a mask is able to get one.  

Please also feel free to provide your own. They are readily available online and in many local retailers. KN95s, while disposable, are designed to be worn multiple times safely. 

How do I properly use my KN95? 

  • If possible, wash or sanitize your hands immediately before and after putting your KN95 on and immediately before and after taking it off when planning to reuse it. 
  • Place the mask over your face, with the bottom below your chin and the nosepiece up. 
  • Place the straps of the mask over each of your ears. 
  • Adjust the metal nose clip using fingers from both hands to mold the clip to the shape of your nose 
  • Adjust fit as necessary to reduce airflow around the mask. 
  • Certain types of facial hair, like beards, can make mask fitting difficult. Masks that fit well protect you better. To have a better fit, people with beards can shave their beards or trim their beards close to the face. 
  • If you wear glasses and find fogging to be a nuisance, wash the lenses with soapy water and shake off the excess before putting on your mask (wipe off nose piece to minimize skin irritation). 

How should I care for and store my KN95 

DO NOT attempt to wash your KN95. With proper care, your KN95 should be reusable for an extended period of time. 
To keep your KN95 clean between uses, store your mask in a safe location that other people cannot access and where it will not get wet or be subject to direct sunlight or excessive heat.  

When should I discard my KN95? 

You should replace your KN95 when it: 

  • Becomes soiled 
  • No longer covers the nose and mouth 
  • Has stretched out or damaged ties or straps 
  • Cannot stay on the face 
  • Has holes or tears in the fabric 

A KN95 may be disposed of in the normal trash. 

Why use a KN95 instead of a cloth or surgical face mask?  

While many face masks help prevent the spread of the virus from the wearer to others, they provide limited protection to the wearer. A KN95 provides better protection for the wearer than other face masks, while also reducing the spread of the virus from the wearer. 


The class schedule features a lot of flexibility and options. LMC is offering five class types, including online, hybrid, in-person and combinations, depending on the course type and your comfort level.

Find out more about becoming a student at LMC.

Students should check Canvas and their LMC email accounts for more information from their instructors.  
Students may request a laptop by emailing  

Student Services

Find the webpages for student services from the myLMC page.

General Questions

​College’s main phone line: (269) 927-1000

Academic Support

Use Canvas to contact your professors regarding individual coursework expectations.

Library: online learning resources including databases, e-books, research guides, citation help.
Call: (269) 927-8605
Ask-A-Librarian contact form

Tutoring: Learning assistance including general and course-specific tutoring
Call: (269) 927-8750

Student Technology Support: Assistance with technology questions or issues
Call: (269) 927-6108

Writing Center: online writing consultations for course assignments and other writing pieces
Call: (269) 927-8167
Schedule your appointment

Student Services

Admissions: Steps to become a student at LMC.
Text: (269) 927-8626
Call: (269) 927-8626

Advising: Make an appointment, general advising questions, withdrawing from classes, transfer help, student educational plans.

Bookstore: Return your rentals, or get step-by-step instructions on how to order for your next term on the Bookstore webpage.

Call: (269) 927-6713


Financial Aid: grants, loans, scholarships, work-study, and general financial aid questions
​Text: (269) 927-8112
Call: (269) 927-8112

Registration and Records/Registrar’s Office/One Stop: registration help and questions, enrollment verifications, transcripts, transfer credit, graduation applications
Text: (269) 927-8107
Call: (269) 927-8107

Financial Assistance

Local Resources

Spectrum Lakeland Is offering free virtual and drive-through screenings for COVID-19.  

United Way of Southwest Michigan To get help, simply dial 211 or 844-875-9211 to speak to a community resource advisor that can provide information and referrals for everyday needs in times of crisis.  

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services For emergency relief services including:

  • Cash, Food, Medical, or Home & Burial Assistance: 855-275-6424 (855-ASK-MICH) 

  • General Information: 517-241-3740 
    Hearing impaired callers may contact the Michigan Relay Center at 711 and ask for the number above. 

  • Public Health Emergencies: 517-335-9030 (For Bureau of Laboratories Public Health Emergencies ONLY) 

  • Hotlines for providing assistance services - view the full list of hotlines



Do not come to campus if you are ill - please contact your supervisor or HR Business Partner.

Vaccination Information

  • CDC Vaccination website
  • Spectrum Health Lakeland
  • A new online self-scheduling calendar is available for those eligible and interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine through Spectrum Health Lakeland. View open appointments, choose a time and date that works best for you, and register your information. Appointments are available as first come, first serve. Check back to the webpage regularly to view open appointment slots. If you do not have internet access, and would like assistance scheduling an appointment with Spectrum Health Lakeland, please call 269.927.5100.
  • Meijer Pharmacy
    Complete the registration process online.
  • Rite Aid
    Complete the Rite Aid COVID-19 vaccine scheduler.

COVID-19 Testing

If you are symptomatic with any COVID-19 symptoms, you will need to test before returning to campus.  Antigen or PCR tests are permissible by the College for returning.  

MedExpress Urgent Care
1803 M-139, Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(269) 934-8550

InterCare Community Health Network
800 M-139, Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(855) 869-6900

COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing at Walgreens

CVS Pharmacy

Spectrum Health Lakeland 

Virus Information

Lake Michigan College recommends the following resources for learning about the virus and protecting yourself and others: 

Where can I get tested?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 

World Health Organization 

U.S. Department of State (Travel advisories) 

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services 

Berrien County Health Department 

Van Buren County Health Department 

Allegan County Health Department  

Indiana State Department of Health

Why fighting the coronavirus depends on you (video)

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