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Student studying at desk in dorm room

Records and Registration

Student studying at desk in dorm room

Records and Registration



Benton Harbor Campus, Student Services,
(269) 927-8107 (text or call)
Niles Campus, Room 101,
(269) 695-1391
South Haven Campus, Student Services Area,
(269) 637-7500


Records and Registration is your source for a variety of services and information about your student records at Lake Michigan College.  The staff handles transcript requests, graduation audits, enrollment verification, name and address changes, and a variety of other record keeping activities related to students.

Student ID Cards


Each academic year, both new and returning Lake Michigan College students need to obtain an LMC Student Identification Card that is valid for that academic year. ID cards are valid from Fall of the academic year through Summer of the following year. For example, a 2020-21 ID card is valid from Fall 2020 to Summer 2021.

Obtaining a Card

Submit the request form to order your ID card. Text or call (269) 927-8107 with questions.

You must carry your ID cards when on campus and be able to present the card if asked to do so by LMC faculty or staff. Loaning or allowing someone else to use your card is prohibited. If your card is lost or stolen, complete a request form for a new one.

LMC Student ID cards allow you to use campus computer labs, check out materials from the LMC library, gain free admission to LMC Red Hawks home athletic events and student productions, and earn a 10% discount on Mendel Center Mainstage tickets. Several local businesses offer discounts to students with valid IDs. Your Student ID card is also used to badge in through Papercut to the Canon multifunction printers/copy machines and selected open lab printers.

Questions about the LMC Student Identification Cards can be directed to the Student Services areas at the Benton Harbor Campus (269) 927-8107, the South Haven Campus (269) 637-7500, or the Niles Campus at (269) 695-1391.

Transcript Requests

For the fastest service, log in to your WaveLink/Student Profile account and order using the Transcript (Official) link. Orders are processed within 24 orders, provided there are no account issues.

You may also order here. Please allow up to 24 additional business hours for processing.

Electronic/Email copy: $7.65
Paper Copy, regular mailing: $10.15
Paper Copy, international mailing: $13.05
Paper Copy, overnight domestic delivery: $39.65 
Paper Copy, international priority delivery: $$62.65

When sending official transcripts to another institution, be sure to enter the email or mailing address of the receiving institution. Your transfer school may not accept a transcript that is sent to the student.

If you would like a free, unofficial copy of your LMC transcript, log in to WaveLink/Student Profile and click on the Transcript (Unofficial) link.

Email your transcript to:

Mail your transcript to:
Lake Michigan College
Records Office 
2755 E. Napier Ave. 
Benton Harbor, MI 49022

Contact any colleges you have previously attended to order your official transcripts. 

Email the Records and Registration Department or call/text (269) 927-8107 for assistance.

Secondary School (High School) Transcripts or Certificate

Students seeking an F1 visa are required to submit an evaluation of their secondary or high school transcripts or certificate as part of the admission process.  The transcript or certificate must be evaluated by an independent international credential evaluation service, for which there is a cost.

Applicants may choose any NACES accredited evaluation service.  We recommend one of the following:

or any other service listed on the NACES website.  Your evaluation must include, at a minimum, whether your secondary school experience is equivalent to U.S. high school completion/graduation.

Non-U.S. College or University Transcripts, Degrees, or Certificates

Students who wish to transfer credit from colleges and universities outside of the United States must have their foreign transcripts and credentials evaluated by an independent international credential evaluation service, for which there is a cost.

Applicants may choose any NACES accredited evaluation service.  We recommend one of the following:

or any other service listed on the NACES website.  

Email the Records and Registration Department or call/text (269) 927-8107 for assistance.

Add, Drop or Withdraw from a Class

Each student is responsible for his or her course schedule and any changes to it, such as adding, dropping, or withdrawing. WaveLink displays all courses for which a student is enrolled. Each student should review their schedule on WaveLink/Navigate after registration and each time a change is made (drop, add, etc.). Any discrepancy should be addressed immediately by making the appropriate change in WaveLink/Navigate. Students requiring assistance may call or text the Records and Registration Department at (269) 927-8107.

Exact deadlines for all course changes including registration/adds, drops, withdrawals, and audits are established and published in the Academic Calendar prior to the start of each academic year. Schedule changes made beyond the published add/drop dates require a consultation with an academic advisor and the approval of the appropriate faculty and dean. Approval is based on a good faith determination that the student will be successful in classes added after the regular add/drop period; approval is not guaranteed. All students are responsible for their own semester schedule and any changes made to it.

Course pre-requisites and co-requisites are published in the catalog, the class schedule, and may be viewed online via the course look-up function as well as on the student audit. All pre- and co-requisites are strictly enforced and require specific permission to waive.

Add coursework to your schedule by enrolling through your Student Profile account. If you require registration assistance, call or text the Records and Registration Department at (269) 927-8107 or visit the Student Services area on any LMC campus.

You may add classes only within the published add/drop period for the semester. In general, classes may be added prior to the first scheduled meeting time for each class. Classes for which all pre-requisites have been met may be added online via the student account.

Online (distance learning) classes may be added through 11:59 p.m. the day before the semester begins, as the first meeting is considered to be the first day of the semester.

Open Entry (OE) classes may be added at any time during the semester, except the last two weeks of the semester. Any class added outside of the regular add/drop period, including OE classes, may not be eligible for financial aid funding. The Financial Aid Office will review and approve such requests on a case-by-case basis.

Students dropping classes must do so within the published drop dates for the class in order to reverse all tuition and fee charges. Open Entry (OE) classes added after the regular add/drop period may drop through the end of the third day after registration. Drops can be completed online via the student account during the published add/drop period; after the end of add/drop, drops must be completed with a drop form, submitted via the student’s LMC email or in person at any campus.

A drop initiated after the published drop dates is considered a withdrawal and all tuition and fees remain on the student account.

You may withdraw online through your Student Profile account or by submitting a Guaranteed Withdrawal form during the first 80% of the class with a guaranteed "W" grade, so long as the class is not part of a second-admit program.

During the final 20% of the class, you must request permission of the instructor to withdraw using the Withdrawal Request form. The withdrawal is not guaranteed at this point and is granted (or not) solely at the discretion of the instructor. If the withdrawal is not granted, you will receive the grade earned for the class.

You may not withdraw past the last day of the class. Withdrawal dates for each semester are listed in the Academic Calendar.

A withdrawal is not considered official until the withdraw form has been submitted or completed via Student Profile. Non-attendance, verbal notice, or conversation with an instructor does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Withdrawals for classes which are part of a second-admit program are issued only at the discretion of the appropriate faculty or program director and are not guaranteed at any point. Program-specific details regarding withdrawal are outlined in the program handbook.


(pdf download)


(pdf download)

Important Information About Withdrawing

  • Discontinuing attendance in a class does not constitute dropping or withdrawing from a course. Failure to officially drop or withdraw from a course that the student is not attending will result in the grade earned according to grading criteria outlined in the course syllabus. A drop or withdrawal is not official until you successfully complete and verify the drop action in Student Profile or complete and submit the appropriate withdrawal form. You should not assume that an instructor has dropped or withdrawn you from a course.
  • Requests to add, drop, or withdraw from classes that are mailed, faxed (269-927-6874) or emailed to the College will be honored only if they are postmarked/dated or received by the posted deadline. Mailed, faxed or emailed requests must contain a readable copy of a photo ID, full name, LMC ID number, specific instructions for amending the schedule, and the student’s signature matching the signature on the photo ID. Unsigned requests will not be honored.

To audit is to take an academic course for no credit; audited courses are not calculated in the GPA. Some of the reasons for auditing are personal exploration, enjoyment, gaining insight into a new subject, or skill/knowledge review.

A student wishing to attend a credit course on a no-credit basis may register to audit the course; however, when openings in a class are limited, preference shall be given to students enrolling for credit. Tuition is paid at the same rate as for a credit course, the attendance policy applies, and all pre- and co-requisites must be met.

Audited courses are not eligible for financial aid (including grants, loans, or scholarships) or veteran’s benefits funding, and do not count toward program completion or pre-requisite use.

A student may change from audit to credit and vice versa only during the regular add/drop period.

Students enrolled at another college or university may register for Lake Michigan College classes as Guest students. Guest students are encouraged to complete and submit a MACRAO-approved Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application prior to registration to ensure return transfer of the LMC credit to their home institution. Guest students are afforded all the rights and responsibilities of LMC students, but are not eligible to receive financial aid for courses attended at LMC. All course pre-requisites must be met and documentation provided.

Class Schedule and College Catalog

Find the classes that are right for you!

View the online class schedule to search a comprehensive list of classes by semester. With the online schedule you can:

  • View courses by subject, title, course number, campus, term part, instructor and days/times of the week
  • View catalog entries when you select a subject or course for course descriptions and prerequisites

Course Cancellation

Lake Michigan College builds its schedule of courses based on enrollment trends and community needs. If you are affected by course cancellations, you will be notified by email. Any tuition and fees you have paid for a course that has been canceled by the College will be refunded.

Lake Michigan College publishes a college catalog for each academic year. Browse the online catalog or get more information on the schedule and catalog webpage.

Change of Major

Make sure your major is up to date each semester by checking your Student Profile account. If you'd like to change your major, be sure to meet with your advisor to talk about how changing your major affects classes you have already taken and your transfer or career plans. Once you are ready, complete and submit a

Other Information

A graduation application is required for each degree or certificate you wish to earn. There is no charge associated with the graduation application. Once you have applied for graduation, you can also apply to participate in the commencement ceremony. Commencement is held once a year, on the first Sunday in May.

Check your Degree Works Audit in Student Profile to see if you have completed all the requirements for your program. Contact your advisor with any questions.

At Lake Michigan College, mid-term grades are recorded shortly before the halfway point of each term length (i.e., 14-week, 7-week, etc.); specific dates are listed in the Academic Calendar on WaveLink. Mid-term grades can show that you’re on the right path to a great term, or they can be an early indicator that you need to step up your academic game.  At LMC, we’re committed to helping students discover and practice better strategies for better grades, providing ongoing support, and helping you develop your own plan for continued success. 

Here’s everything you need to know from helpful tips to potential impact on your student account and available support services.

Final grades are available on the Thursday after the end of each semester. You can see your final grades (i.e. your "report card") online in Student Profile.

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) facilitates the transfer of students from community colleges to four-year colleges and universities in Michigan. By carefully choosing courses, you may obtain an associate degree from LMC and complete the MTA; however, you do not need to obtain a degree in order to earn the MTA designation.

If you would like to request the Michigan Transfer Agreement endorsement, you should review your MTA audit in DegreeWorks via your Student Profile. Once those requirements are met, submit the request form.


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