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Class Schedule and College Catalog

Find the classes that are right for you!

Browse the Class Schedule

View the online Class Schedule to search a comprehensive list of classes by term and up-to-date registration availability. 


Students new to Lake Michigan College or returning after more than two semesters off please follow the Steps to Enrollment and an Academic Advisor will help you schedule your classes.

Continuing students who have attended within the last two semesters can enroll for classes online through WaveLink/Student Profile or in person at any campus.

Important academic dates can be found at LMC's online calendar. Exact deadlines for all course changes are established and published each semester. No course changes may be made after the deadline except when initiated by the instructor because the student has been misplaced and the change is approved by the departmental dean.

Browse the College Catalog

View the online Course Description to search course requirements and descriptions by category and date.


Download the current College Catalog as a pdf:

Course Delivery Methods

Five course delivery methods are available for Summer 2021 courses.

1. Flexible Learning Environment (FLE)

These offer the most flexibility for students. Students may choose to interact with their instructor and classmates by webcam during regularly scheduled class sessions or watch recorded class sessions online.

2. Online

All instruction will be delivered online. There are no scheduled class sessions.

3. Hybrid/Remote

A significant portion of instruction will be delivered online with some remote class sessions by webcam required on scheduled days and times.

4. Remote

All class session will be held remotely by webcam on scheduled days and times.

5. Hybrid/Face-to-Face

Until Fall 2021, a significant portion of instruction will be delivered online. There will also be some on campus, face-to-face class sessions required for hands-on learning that cannot be completed online. On campus class sessions will be scheduled in small groups following safety protocols that minimize risks to the greatest degree possible. Programs and disciplines requiring some hands-on learning include: Advanced ManufacturingCulinary, Criminal JusticeHealth SciencesNatural Sciences, NetworkingVisual and Performing Arts, and Wine and Viticulture Technology.




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