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Learning Assistance Center/Tutoring

Experiencing difficulty in class? Want to learn more about how to learn? Need assistance to get through a tough exam or adjust to being back in school?

Learning Assistance is available free of charge to all Lake Michigan College students in courses at LMC campuses. To request tutoring services, fill out, save and email the Learning Assistance Center Request Form to If you need help for writing, please contact the Writing Center.


The Learning Assistance Center offers you help with homework, test preparation, studying and test strategies, and writing consultation. Our Learning Assistants are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). 

Learning assistance is provided primarily in group and walk-in formats. See your campus for schedules and locations. We have learning assistants available for most classes offered, and we will make every effort to locate a tutor for your courses if one is not already on staff.

To find out more about the services available to you, and hear current semester hours, call (269) 927-1000 ext. 8750 or e-mail us.

Online Tutoring Services 
If you have a single, course-related question, online assistance is available by email. You are limited to one question, and if it is a complex topic, you may be asked to come in to speak with a learning assistant in person.

Becoming a Tutor

Do you like helping people learn? Looking for part-time work with a big impact? Do you have recent upper-level math and/or science background? We have openings on our professional tutoring team for upper-level math and science tutors with a bachelor's degree or higher. Please apply online no later than November 29, 2019, for spring term!

We are also hiring for Peer Tutors! Apply online.


  • A or B in subject you want to tutor
  • 3.0 or above GPA
  • Complete job application packet
  • Like to help others
  • An instructor referral is preferable

Learning Assistance Center assistants are expected to act as role models for students by regularly attending their own classes, practicing successful study habits, and maintaining a positive learning attitude.

All Learning Assistants are required to complete Level I of the CRLA Training. This consists of ten hours of training in a variety of topics related to tutoring, including but not limited to:

  • study skills
  • customer service
  • learning disabilities
  • required paperwork and procedures
  • tutoring specific coursework
  • diversity issues

Learning assistants are given 16 weeks after becoming employed to complete Level I certification and will be paid for the 10 hours upon completion of the training.

Helpful Links and Resources

This page has been designed to provide you with resources to improve your skills and success at Lake Michigan College. Under each subject, you will find educational links to helpful sites.





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