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CNA helping a patient in assisted living

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Non-Credit Certificate

Start your career in health care in less than a semester

Class Prerequisites

1.    Complete the CNA HESI A2

To be eligible for registration, students must complete the CNA HESI A2 Exam with a 70% or higher score in a maximum of two (2) attempts. The CNA HESI A2 exam may be taken at an LMC Testing Center location. The cost for taking the CNA HESI A2 exam is approximately $55.00 for each attempt.

For instructions to schedule your HESI A2 exam, please contact Erin McGuire, Health Sciences Administrative Coordinator, by email at, or by phone at 269-927-8768.

Class Registration and Clinical Requirements

2.    Registration and Payment

Once you successfully complete the CNA HESI A2 exam you are eligible to register and pay for the CNA class. This registration will secure your seat in the CNA class. Seats are available on a limited, first-come, first-serve basis. If class seats are full, you will be moved to the next available class. Cost for the CNA class is $685.00. CNA classes held at the Allegan Tech Center will include an additional $80.00 facility fee. 

Registration forms must be sent to the Health Sciences Office via email to Registration is DUE by the posted Registration Deadline in order to secure a seat in the CNA class. The following requirements must be completed before the first day of class to be considered in compliance.

Please see the non-credit Health Sciences registration form to register for your CNA class.

3.    Background Check and Drug Screen

Once you register and pay, you will receive an e-mail from the Health Sciences Office. This email will provide directions on how to purchase a background check and drug screen package through Castle Branch, a third party company that is used for all Health Sciences programs. All CNA students are required to pass a criminal background check and drug screen. Failure to pass these tests will forfeit your seat in the CNA class. The cost for the background check and drug screen package is $110.00. 

Upon purchasing your package, the background check will run automatically for you. You will receive an alert from Castle Branch on the location for your drug test. Results will then be sent directly to Castle Branch for processing. Results typically take 5-7 days to show on your account. 

BOTH TESTS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Failure to pass these requirements will result in the inability to attend CNA class. 

4.    Health Information and Clinical Requirements

You will be required to complete the following items per our clinical requirements:  1) a physical examination using the Lake Michigan College form;  2) up-to-date vaccinations or proof of immunity to: Hepatitis B, MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), Tetanus or TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis), and Varicella (Chicken Pox); proof of freedom of Tuberculosis (TB) through a 1-step TB Skin Test or TB Blood Test;  and 3) a flu shot if it is a current flu season (October through March).

If you must re-complete a multi-shot vaccination like MMR, or Hep B, you must start the series before the first day of class and complete each series by your doctor’s orders. You MUST have a vaccination or current proof of immunity through a titer test for Varicella, no disease history will be accepted as proof of immunity. TDap must be renewed every 10 years. This documentation will then be uploaded to its respective location in Castle Branch. 

THIS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Failure to complete these requirements will result in the inability to attend CNA class. 

5.    Complete LMC Required Forms

Students will be required to complete a Code of Conduct, an Information Release, and (if applicable) a waiver form for any illnesses, allergies, or medical conditions students wish to document. These must be uploaded to Castle Branch by the first day of class. 

6.    Attend Class!

Students who have completed the above requirements are ready to start the CNA class. On time, daily attendance is required for successful completion of the class. Books, scrub top, name badge, supplies, lab time, clinical time, and classroom time are included in the fee for the class. Calendars will be distributed on the first day of class. 

7.    Take your CNA State Certification Exam

After successfully completing the 6-week classroom and 1-week clinical of the CNA class you are ready to sit for the State Licensure exam. While Lake Michigan College is an approved Prometric testing facility, all testing is scheduled directly through Prometric. The approximate cost for testing is $125.00, which includes the one-time registration fee.  If you have any questions regarding the application or testing process please contact Prometric directly at or 1-800-752-4724. Additional information can be obtained from your instructor. 

The CNA HESI A2 will test applicants in English language and evaluate critical thinking skills and is a prerequisite to registering for the course.  Students must successfully achieve a 70% or higher within two (2) attempts. Completion of the Critical Thinking portion is mandatory, but there is no minimum score requirement. The approximate cost of the entire CNA HESI A2 exam is $55.00. The assessment breakdown will be as follows:

  • English Language – a combined score will be given for these three portions:

    • Reading comprehension – provides reading scenarios in order to measure reading comprehension, identifying the main idea, finding meaning of words in context, passage comprehension, making logical inferences, etc. Recommended test time: 60 minutes
    • Vocabulary and general knowledge – contains vocabulary terms that are commonly used in both general English-speaking settings and in health care fields. Recommended test time: 50 minutes
    • Grammar – contains basic grammar, including parts of speech, important terms and their uses, commonly occurring grammatical errors, etc. Recommended test time: 50 minutes
  • Evaluation of Critical Thinking Ability – this is intended to provide critical thinking ability in situations encountered in healthcare settings.
    • Problem solving – refers to the process of inquiry when seeking multiple facts to remove obstacles or resolve patient care problems
    • Biases and ethical dilemmas – addresses ethical, legal, and moral issues, as well as biases candidates may have about patients and others
    • Argument analysis – refers to situations in which one seeks to resolve conflicts or disagreements by considering multiple points of view
    • Analysis of data – addresses the need to interpret patient information correctly and decide if further action is necessary

For instructions to schedule your HESI A2 assessment, please contact Erin McGuire, Health Sciences Administrative Coordinator, by email at, or by phone at 269-927-8768.

Assessments are taken at a Lake Michigan College Testing Center location. The CNA HESI A2 assessment must be completed prior to the posted registration deadline of a course to be considered eligible to enroll. Early testing and class enrollment is encouraged.

Study resources can be found at the following websites: 

This HESI A2 assessment has different minimum score requirements than the one used for the Nursing (RN) Program. Please see the Nursing Program webpage or your Academic Advisor for more information on the specific guidelines for the Nursing program. 

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