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CNA students taking blood pressure

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

Start your career in health care in less than a semester

Class Prerequisites


To enroll in a CNA class, students must meet the required cut-off scores by taking the Accuplacer Placement Test. The Accuplacer is FREE. Visit the LMC Testing Services webpage for more information and to schedule the CNA Accuplacer test

The Accuplacer consists of NextGen Multiple Choice Reading and Multiple Choice Writing. A minimum score of 237 in both sections is required.

Students who have completed college-level coursework, have a degree, or that work in patient care are not required to complete the CNA Accuplacer. Documentation may be required prior to enrollment.

If you have any questions, email Health Sciences.

Class Registration and Clinical Requirements


Once you successfully meet the entrance requirement (through Accuplacer testing or other) you are eligible to register and pay for the CNA class. This registration will secure your seat in the CNA class. Seats are available on a limited, first-come, first-serve basis. If class seats are full, you will be moved to the next available class. Cost for the CNA class is $800.00. 

Registration forms may be sent to the Health Sciences Office via email or brought in person. Enrollment is due by the posted Registration Deadline in order to secure a seat in the CNA class. 

Please see

 to register for your CNA class. 

The following requirements must be completed before the first day of class to be considered in compliance.


Once you register and pay for the class, you will receive an e-mail from the Health Sciences Office. This email will provide directions on how to purchase a background check and drug screen package through Complio, a third party company that is used for all Health Sciences programs. All CNA students are required to pass a criminal background check and drug screen. Failure to pass these tests will forfeit your seat in the CNA class. The cost for the background check and drug screen package is $96.00.

Upon purchasing your package, the background check will run automatically for you. You will select a location for your drug screen during checkout. Results may take 5-7 days to show on your account. 

BOTH TESTS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Students who do not successfully complete the background check and drug screen are not permitted to attend class and will be dropped from the course


You are required to show proof of the following vaccines or proof of immunity accepted for Hepatitis B, MMR, and Varicella:

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Tdap
  • COVID-19 vaccination

You must also have a proof of a TB skin test or blood test within one year of going to clinicals. Flu shots are required during the active flu season (September – March).

You must have an LMC Health Certification form reviewed and signed by a doctor. This is your “physical exam”. This form also details the technical standards and functions required by all CNA students. This form will be provided to you after registration.

Documentation will be uploaded to Complio. Failure to complete these requirements will result in the inability to attend the CNA class.


Students who have completed the above requirements are ready to start the CNA class. On time, daily attendance is required for successful completion of the class. Books, scrub top, name badge, supplies, lab time, clinical time, and classroom time are included in the fee for the class. Calendars will be distributed on the first day of class. 


After successfully completing the 7-week CNA class you are ready to sit for the State Licensure exam. While Lake Michigan College is an approved Headmaster testing facility, all testing is scheduled directly through Headmaster. The approximate cost for testing is $125, which includes the one-time registration fee.  If you have any questions regarding the application or testing process please contact Headmster directly. Additional information can be obtained from your instructor. 

Certified Nurse Aide at LMC – Are you Ready to Enroll?

Please let us know if you’re interested to enroll in a CNA class. We can check to see if you meet the requirements and are ready to enroll! All classes are first-come, first-serve based on meeting the entrance requirements.

Find the student type below that you most identify with for information specific to your needs:

I have no prior college, and no SAT/ACT scores - I am new to college

Take the Accuplacer Placement Assessment at Lake Michigan College! It is FREE, available by walk-in through the Testing Center, and will give you a foundation to work from if you want to come back to school later. The Accuplacer is multiple choice.

Minimum Accuplacer Score
  • NextGen MC Reading and Writing

If you meet or exceed the cut-off score, you can enroll in an available CNA class (if a seat is available).    

I have no prior college experience, but I do have SAT/ACT scores

Submit copies of your SAT/ACT scores. If they meet the cut-off, then you don’t need to take the Accuplacer and can enroll in a CNA class (if a seat is available). 

Minimum SAT/ACT Scores

If your SAT/ACT scores are below the cut-off, you will need to take the Accuplacer.    

I have prior college experience

If you meet the College admission English and Reading requirements (E+R), through prior classes you have taken at LMC or another school, prior testing, or by taking ENGL 101 (at LMC or through official transfer credit), you do not need to take the Accuplacer!

If your coursework does not show you have completed the College admission E+R requirement or any college-level English coursework, you need to take the Accuplacer.    

I already have a college degree

If your degree is NOT from LMC, submit a copy of your transcripts or your diploma showing the degree you were awarded.

If your degree is from LMC, please let us know and we can look it up in the system to confirm, or you can send a copy of your diploma or transcripts.    

I already took the HESI A2 for CNA

Great! If you took the HESI A2 at LMC and received a score of 70 or higher (average score of Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Vocabulary sections), then you are ready to enroll! We will need to locate your scores in the system, or you will need to send us a copy of your score report.

If your HESI A2 score is below 70, you can take the Accuplacer. 

CNA HESI A2 scores are good for 5 years. 

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