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Women in Business club members and advisors dressed professionally and posing in front of the main Benton Harbor Campus entrance.

Student Clubs

College isn’t all about going to class and working. Part of the enjoyment is getting to meet new people that you share an interest with. One great way to do this is through clubs. There are both academic and recreational clubs at Lake Michigan College - explore existing clubs and find out about starting your own below!



2021/22 Active Clubs

Black Student Caucus
SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance) 
Project 1808
IT club
Flag Football

New Clubs

Anime Club
Black Women Club
Career Club
International Club
LMC Botany Club
Movie Club
Photography Club
Spike Club (Spike ball and volleyball)
Student Programming Board 

Performing Arts Opportunities

For information on Performing Arts clubs and other engagement opportunities, contact the Performing Arts department at 269-927-8876.

Harbor Lights (a Capella choir)
Music Production Technology Club
Performing Arts Club
Pit Orchestra
Stage Crew
Student Arts Curation Council
Theatrical Productions (Fall Play/Spring Musical)

Ensembles for credit or no credit

Concert Choir
LMC Jazz Band
Percussion Ensemble
Soundwaves (Select Chamber Choir)
Southshore Concert Band
Tailwinds (Symphonic Wind Ensemble)

Not only is starting a club easy, but it’s also a great way to build your resume, sharpen your leadership skills and have something interesting to talk about when you apply to a 4-year college or interview for a job. So, go ahead – get started! Contact the Student Life Office at for more information. 

  1. Read the student organization guidelines and responsibilities
  2. Have at least 4 current LMC students interested in leading the club.
  3. Recruit a campus advisor. It can be any LMC faculty or staff member who is willing to help out.
  4. Complete a Club/Organization Charter Application Form.
  5. Complete a Student Organization Leader Commitment Form
  6. Have your advisor read the Advisor Handbook and complete the advisor consent form
  7. Contact the Graduate Assistant for Student Life at Prepare to discuss ideas, mission, and goals. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about starting a club
  8. Meet with club members and have fun!

Responsibilities of Student Club Leaders

  1. Participate in Club Rush at the beginning of each semester
  2. Create a hospitable environment fostering an acceptance and diversity of people, opinions, and experiences
  3. Promote and maintain the club/organization's active presence at Lake Michigan College
  4. Maintain at least 4 active club members
  5. Complete at least one community service opportunity for members to participate in
  6. Develop a proactive relationship with your club advisor: 
    • Discuss expectations with your advisor
    • Schedule regular meetings (at least once a month) with your advisor
    • Acknowledge and express gratitude for your advisor's time and energy
    • Notify your advisor of all major meetings, events, and projects the club is working on
    • Consult with club advisor if an event or publication could be perceived as inappropriate
    • Collaborate with club advisor to manage club funds and budgeting in an honest and respectful manner
  7. Submit club meetings and events on the LMC calendar page at least one week in advance using the Submit an Event Form on the LMC calendar page
  8. Facilitate regular communication with the Graduate Assistant for Student Life
  9. Attend Club Orientation and at least one leadership development session per semester

Club Forms

Guidelines and Responsibilities

1. Provide assistance and direction to the student organization
2. Encourage the student organization leadership team to develop programs and events that add to the educational mission of the college
3. Meet with club leaders at least once a month 
4. Encourage and assist the club leadership team in creating a hospitable environment fostering an acceptance and diversity of people, opinions, and experiences. 
5. You have the right to postpone a publication or event, if you deem it inappropriate, until it is brought before the Student Life Committee
6. Understand Lake Michigan College policy and procedures, as detailed in the Student Handbook
7. Assist in the management and oversight of the organization's budget. 

Advisor Handbook

Please read prior to signing the Advisor Consent Form.

Advisor Consent Form

In order for a new club to be chartered, the advisor must read and electronically sign the advisor consent form

Find out more about how you can get involved by contacting:

  • Benton Harbor Campus
    Student Life Office
    (269) 927-8734
  • South Haven Campus
    (269) 637-7526
  • Niles Campus 
    (269) 695-1391


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