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Success Tips for Online Learning

Although online learning can seem less structured than a traditional class, don’t make the mistake of thinking it is easier. The reality is that the online learner must take on more responsibility for the learning process in meeting the following requirements and mastering these necessary skills:

  • Have access to a reliable computer. You will need a Windows or MAC computer with current software and operating system.
  • Have access to a reliable internet connection. Ensuring reliable Internet access is important so that it doesn't get in the way of learning the content. Supported web browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Respondus Lockdown Browser. Having multiple browsers on your computer can be a useful troubleshooting tool.
  • Be able to launch a program using the operating system on your computer. Ensuring that the programs can open successfully will ensure you are off to a good start.
  • Know how to navigate between multiple windows. At times you will need to access multiple windows on your computer to complete an assignment.
  • Know how to find relevant information using a variety of search engines. In addition to your required textbooks, additional information may require online research.
  • Know how to download files from the internet. At times you may be required to download a file from the internet in order to complete your assignments.
  • Work with attachments in email messages. You may be required to send an assignment as an attachment.
  • Know how to open, create, and save a word processing document. Microsoft Word and other word processing documents will be instrumental in writing and submitting papers.
  • Access your student email account. Communication with your instructor and other important information will be delivered to your campus email.
  • Know how to contact your instructor. Communicating with your instructor will make it easier to clarify deadlines and get answers to questions.


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