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Prepare for Your CLEP Appointment

  1. Prepare for your exam:

  2. Current fee information is found at the above site; as of July 1, 2022, CLEP charges $90 per test. 
  3. CLEP testing is also available as an online (remotely proctored) test, at extra cost. More information about remote options can be found at the CLEP website.
  4. You can purchase a review from CLEP or borrow one from a library; be sure to use a CLEP Official Study Guide.
  5. Be sure you select the correct test for the course credit you want; check with an advisor at the college you want to receive your CLEP transcript to verify which test you will need to purchase; ESPECIALLY be sure you are verifying which English Composition test you need to take (Modular OR with essays) or you will have to retake the entire test.
  6. Register and pay for your CLEP test at the CLEP website.
  7. Make sure the first and last names and middle initial in the test registration match identically with the IDs you will bring to the exam appointment. 
  8. During your online registration, specify where you want your test results sent, and whether you wish to test remotely.
  9. If you are testing on campus, use the seat reservation system to schedule an appointment.
  10. Please print your CLEP registration “ticket” and bring it with you.
  11. Bring the form(s) of ID specified by CLEP. *
  12. Plan to start your test at least 2 ½ to 3 hours prior to center closing.
  13. Your transcript (for all tests EXCEPT College Composition with Essays, which takes 3 to 6 weeks because of the essay grading) will arrive at your chosen college within 7-14 business days. You can also get your scores by logging into your account on the CLEP website.
  14. If you did not pass the test, CLEP policy states you may retest after three months.
  15. You may take as many different CLEP tests as you like during any period of time; however, you should verify how many CLEP credits are accepted by your selected college before you take any exams. 
  16. Extra CLEP transcripts have a cost – usually around $20 each – so you should have the information with you for the college you want to receive your transcript. Colleges not listed in the CLEP system can receive your transcript via a form that is completed after your test, on the same day, before you leave the testing center.

NOTE: Lake Michigan College Testing Services does NOT receive students’ CLEP transcripts. We can print a copy of your score report before you leave (except CLEP College Composition); the LMC Records office receives your transcript directly from CLEP. Note carefully how long CLEP saves your transcripts and how to access them if you need them at a later date.

* Homeschooled students and high school students: If you do not have the required government-issued ID, please complete a Student ID Form (pdf download) which is valid for one year. The form must be accompanied by a recognizable photo with a school or notary seal overlapping the photo. The form must be signed in front of a school official or notary. If you fail to present appropriate identification, you will not be tested.
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