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Environment Studies Instructor at Saint Joseph Lighthouse with Class

Teach at LMC

Pass along your expertise to a group of passionate students: consider teaching at Lake Michigan College. Your community needs your help building a well-educated workforce!

What it’s like to teach at LMC 

Instructors work with students in the classroom, evaluating, teaching, and leading them through the curriculum. You will educate, direct, and inspire them as they pursue their goals and dreams. The content of the curriculum will be provided to you, but you and your colleagues can enhance it with real life experiences that will enrich the education of the students. 

  • A time commitment as low as 3 to 4 hours per week
  • Teach at campuses in Benton Harbor, Niles, South Haven, or Allegan
  • Materials, syllabi, and training provided
  • Opportunities to network with other educators
  • Collaborate with other instructors, staff, and students
  • A wide range of schedules available, including online and hybrid courses
  • Opportunities to serve on academic committees

Who you will teach 

Lake Michigan College students have the dedication to pursue further education against obstacles large and small. They are from across the district – Berrien, Cass, Allegan, and Van Buren counties – from across age groups, from all walks of life, and with varying educational backgrounds. 

Search job postings for full-time and part-time faculty positions. To be considered for our future Part-Time Faculty Positions, please click here to submit your CV, cover letter and teaching philosophy to a discipline-specific candidate pool.

Part-Time Faculty Compensation

As of Fall 2017.

  • $36 per contact hour
  • $37 to $39 per contact hour after completion/competency in training objectives.
  • $50 per contact hour for MSN and CIS part-time faculty
  • Roundtrip mileage in excess of 30 miles per class session will be reimbursed at the completion of the semester, at a rate established by Board policy. The total mileage will not exceed 180 miles per course.
  • Mileage reimbursement for part-time faculty will be received as payroll and is considered taxable earnings as defined by the IRS. However, mileage earnings are non-reportable to the retirement system and not subject to employee or employer retirement contribution rates.
  • Earn 1 additional contact hour per class taught at Allegan Tech Center.
  • Please see Adjunct Mileage Reimbursement – Commuting In Excess of Thirty Miles Roundtrip Procedure for more detail

Tuition Reimbursement for employee and eligible IRS dependents for LMC classes. Turn into a tuition waiver after 2 semesters taught. A maximum of 45 hours can be banked, and the banked amount will go away after 3 years after the last semester taught.

  • Eligible after 24 contact hours taught. Can apply for an event and the Academic Deans decide on an annual basis. $10,000 fund for in-state events. Out of state events must be approved by the VP of Instruction and the VP of Administrative Services.
  • The fund is administered by the Academic Deans.
  • Free Professional Development Events
  • Free TLC Training Opportunities
  • Mendel Center Mainstage Ticket Discount
  • Business Cards - 50 (Instructor can ask for more cards as needed)
  • Free Wellness Center Use (employee only - Wellness Center is on the Benton Harbor Campus)
  • Whirlpool VIPLink Discount
  • Participation in Commencement
  • Part-time faculty is included in "Internal Only" faculty postings


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