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English for Academic Purposes

Learn the English language to improve your academic reading and writing skills.

Are you a Lake Michigan College student seeking to develop your academic writing and vocabulary skills?

If so, LMC has English for Academic Purposes courses. These courses will teach you to read, write and speak the English language so you can excel in other college courses.

How English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Courses Can Help You:

  • Learn reading and vocabulary strategies to understand textbooks
  • Improve your understanding of complex English grammar
  • Develop your academic writing skills
  • Speak and write with confidence

Learn from experienced language teachers who hold masters-level TESOL qualifications and have at least five years' experience teaching English to international students and second language learners at the college and university level.


EAP Courses

Academic Writing (EAP 091), 4 credits

Learn how to write well-developed paragraphs and essays. Find out how to self-edit so you can clearly present your ideas. A working thesis, topic sentences, supporting ideas and writing cohesion are reinforced through writing three to five paragraphs and a formal essay throughout the course.

EAP Speaking and Listening (EAP 092), 4 credits

Sharpen your English listening skills to be better prepared to listen to academic lectures. Learn how to take notes to help you remember each lecture. Improve your academic vocabulary and discussion skills to be better equipped to interact with your instructors and classmates.

EAP Reading (EAP 093), 4 credits

Develop reading strategies to help you read and understand academic materials. Learn how to analyze and respond to textbook information. Special projects will include a novel study and independent reading to further develop your skills.



Both international and domestic English language learners (ELLs) who do not meet E and or R prerequisites on LMC placement tests may qualify to take these courses. Talk with your academic advisor to find out if you qualify. 


The cost of each course is based on LMC tuition and fees. Textbooks and related course materials are an additional cost.

Course Location

All EAP courses will be taught at the Benton Harbor campus.


Contact Director of English as a Second Language, Monique Yoder


Phone: (269) 927-4557

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