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Tutoring Intake

Please complete this form to be eligible for the Tutoring Program at Lake Michigan College. You've made the right choice taking the first step - we look forward to working with you!

Student Information

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What services are you requesting?

Note-taking and test-reading/scribing services are subject to eligibility through Disability Support Services.

List all classes for which you need tutoring.

Catalog Name of the Course CRN Instructor Class Meeting Times Operations



  • must be enrolled in the courses at lmc for which they receive tutoring services,
  • are responsible for knowing their assignments and due dates,
  • must attend class and prepare for sessions to receive tutoring; tutors do not provide drop-off assistance,
  • are required to abide by college conduct and Tutoring Services policies; this means respecting others, maintaining self-control, and attending scheduled appointments,
  • must be present and prepared well ahead of due dates for any assignments,
  • must respect tutors’ personal time and privacy.


  • are not substitutes for class attendance; students must consistently attend class prior to tutoring,
  • are not personal counselors (counseling is available from the Counseling Office),
  • are to encourage students’ growth as independent learners in a supportive learning environment,
  • are to demonstrate and encourage appropriate learning strategies,
  • are to focus on the student’s academic needs and concerns within legitimate boundaries,
  • are to maintain respectful, ethical, and professional attitudes toward students, faculty and staff at all times.



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