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Housing Jobs

Housing and Residence Life at Lake Michigan College employs students in many capacities. These jobs can help you develop leadership skills and provide professional experiences for your future. In these roles, you are a student first, so hours and job responsibilities are worked around your class schedule. Working for Housing and Residence Life can also help offset or even completely cover your housing costs for the school year.

You can learn more about specific positions by reading the job overviews below. If you have any questions, please email  


Resident Assistant

  • Serves as a mentor and resource to residents of their floors
  • Plans, organizes, and puts on program for residents to participate in and engage with their peers
  • Helps promote safety and security in Beckwith Hall by conducting rounds and reporting policy violations
  • ALL housing costs are covered as an RA
  • Move-in early to Beckwith Hall for RA training

Night Watch (Brand New Position for Fall 2021!)

  • Provides evening security at Beckwith Hall
  • Works two shifts per week
  • One 8pm-1am shift, and one 1am to 5am shift
  • Helps with weekend security coverage on a rotating basis
  • Checks ID when students enter and signs in guests
  • Works with RA to help create a safe environment at night for residents
  • 50% of all Housing costs are covered as NW
  • Move-in early to Beckwith Hall for NW Training

Front Desk Assistant

  • Serves as resource to residence to help solve problems and facilities needs
  • Helps residents submit maintenance requests, and IT requests
  • Manages and checks-out vacuums, carts, board games, and rec equipment for residents
  • Move-in early to Beckwith Hall for FDA training


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