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New Student Orientation (policy)

Office of Origin: Student Affairs
Responsibility: Director, Admissions; Executive Director, Advising & Financial Aid
Original Date Adopted: 9-19-23
Dates Reviewed: 5-3-23
Last Date Board Approved: 9-19-23

Orientation facilitates the successful academic and personal transition of new and re-entering students and their families into Lake Michigan College (the

Through the intentional interaction with incoming students, families, faculty, and staff, combined with specific programmatic elements, participants develop an understanding and appreciation of the academic, developmental, and social opportunities available, as well as knowledge of college and community resources.

Orientation dates for the following year will be set by November 15th and published on the college website. Online orientation will be available one month prior to registration.

All degree, certificate, and dual enrolled students are required to complete an in-person or online orientation. Students who are guests or taking personal interest classes will have access to the information as a resource.

Orientation is a part of the enrollment process and must be completed prior to registering for classes. Dual enrollment students need to complete orientation prior to classes beginning.


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