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Academic Calendar (Policy)

Office of Origin: Records and Registration
Responsibility: Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs; Vice President, Student Affairs
Original Date Adopted: 5-21-19
Dates Reviewed: 5-21-19, 5-24-23
Last Date Board Approved: 5-16-23

The Academic Calendar is created and maintained by the Registrar, with oversight from the Academic Calendar Committee and formal approval as outlined below.  Each year’s calendar contains dates and deadlines relative to registration (add, drop, withdraw), term begin and end, second-admit and graduation applications, roster confirmation, and grading (mid-term and final); the academic year includes fall, spring, and summer.

The Academic Calendar for the next academic year is approved no later than December of the preceding year.  The approval process is as follows:

  1. The Registrar reviews and submits the final draft copy to Instructional Coordinating Council (ICC). The Academic Calendar Committee is consulted as needed prior to submitting the draft.
  2. ICC reviews and suggests edits or corrections; once approved by ICC, the draft is forwarded to Cabinet.
  3. Cabinet reviews and suggests edits or corrections or approves the draft.

Once approved by Cabinet, the Academic Calendar is considered final and ready for publication.

References: Academic Calendar Procedure

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