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Academic Honesty Policy

Office of Origin: Academic & Student Services
Date Adopted:
Last Date Modified & Approved:

Policy Statement:

The principles of truth and honesty are recognized as fundamental to a community of teachers and scholars. Lake Michigan College expects that both faculty and students will honor these principles and in doing so protect the validity of College grades and evaluation. This means that all academic work will be done by the student to whom it is assigned without giving or receiving unauthorized aid of any kind. Instructors will exercise care in the planning and supervision of academic work so that honest effort will be positively encouraged. Cheating and plagiarism are the two most obvious violations of academic honesty. In brief, plagiarism is borrowing ideas, words, organization, etc., from another source or person and claiming them as original. Such activity may result in failure of a specific assignment, an entire course, or, if flagrant, dismissal from Lake Michigan College.

Responsibility: Dean, Student Development


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