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Academic Intervention

Office of Origin: Academic & Student Services
Date Adopted:
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Policy Statement:

Academic Intervention is a practice used by Lake Michigan College to assist students with successfully maintaining required Academic Standards of Progress. Several intervention strategies are proactively employed by the College, including Supplemental Instruction, Freshman Seminar, and a tutoring program. You should talk with your counselor/advisor to access these services.

If your cumulative GPA does fall below the level required to maintain satisfactory academic standing, you will be subject to more aggressive intervention strategies, including being placed on Academic Probation or Academic Dismissal from the College for one or more semesters.

Students placed on academic intervention for any semester will be required to see a designated intervention advisor before the end of the drop-add period of that semester. Authorization from that advisor will be required to register for or remain in classes for which the students have already registered.

Academic Probation

Students placed on Academic Probation for any semester will be required to see a designated advisor prior to registering. Prior to the first meeting with a student who has been notified they have been placed on Academic Probation, the designated advisor and the appropriate program/discipline teaching faculty will meet and develop a written plan of help for the student. This plan will be discussed with the student during their meeting with the designated advisor.

Students on Academic Probation will be required to: 
1. Meet with the same designated advisor at least three times during that semester. 
2. Limit their enrollment as described in the student’s plan of help. A Study Skills class is strongly recommended. 
3. Obtain a grade of “C” or better for each class in which they are enrolled.

Students who fail to meet these requirements will be subject to Academic Dismissal.

Academic Dismissal

If a student who has been placed on Academic Probation does not meet the three requirements listed on the previous page, they will be prohibited from enrolling in classes at LMC for one semester. This semester of non-enrollment must be the following Fall or Winter semester. At the time they return to LMC, they will automatically reenter the Academic Probation program and be expected to accomplish all requirements as stated in items 1 through 3 above.

Academic intervention advisors will: 
1. Meet with the student at least three times during the semester in which they have been placed on Academic Probation. 
2. Provide the student information about sources of help and assist them in accessing sources that are deemed most beneficial. 
3. Provide students information on withdrawing from classes and other information and/or material appropriate for enabling them to pursue their educational goals more successfully.

Appeal Process

Students who have been notified of their academic dismissal from Lake Michigan College may appeal in writing to the Dean of Student Services following the college’s Due Process procedure on page 121.

Responsibility: Dean, Student Development


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