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Academic Standards of Progress

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Student Services
Date Adopted: 11-24-09
Last Date Modified & Approved:
Reviewed by Instructional Standards Committee: 02-09-09

Policy Statement:

Lake Michigan College is committed to helping students meet their educational goals. When students are not making acceptable academic progress, the College will provide positive intervention strategies designed to help students evaluate their individual situations and return to good academic standing.

Students must maintain an acceptable cumulative grade point average to be considered in good standing. Students will have their cumulative GPA calculated at the end of each semester (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer) and, if it falls outside of the acceptable range, they will be placed on academic probation and will be notified. Students placed on academic probation will be subject to the process described in Lake Michigan College’s Academic Interventions procedure. This procedure as well as the acceptable GPA range, as determined by the Executive Dean, Student Services in consultation with the Registrar, is published in the College catalog.

Students on Financial Aid, participating in intercollegiate athletics, and/or enrolled in Health Science programs and/or other programs with specific academic criteria will be required to meet the academic standards of progress for those programs.

Responsibility: Executive Dean, Student Services


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