Office of Origin: Facilities Management 

Executive Director of Human Resources 

Date Adopted: 10-06-89 

Date Reviewed: 08-14-08, 05-04-17 

Last Date Modified & Approved: 08-14-08, 05-04-17 

Policy Statement: 

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination on the basis of handicap against persons in programs or activities receiving or benefitting from federal assistance. In the post-secondary educational setting, Section 504 mandates “reasonable accommodation” as: 

the College, its employees and designees will reasonably accommodate impaired students/individuals in the classroom setting/environment.  

the College, its employees and designees will reasonably assist impaired students/staff during emergencies and drills that occur on the College’s grounds or in College facilities. 

Responsibility: Executive Director, Facilities Management 

Coordinator, Student Outreach and Support Services 

References: Rehabilitation Act of 1973