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Assurance of Academic Quality (Policy)

Office of Origin: Academic Affairs
Responsibility: Academic Deans
Original Date Adopted: 1-26-88
Last Dates Reviewed: 11-05-08, 3-28-17; 3-16-21(C), 10-13-21 (C)
Last Date Board Approved: 3-28-17

Lake Michigan College (the College) assures that students completing coursework with a grade of "C" or better in that course or earn an Associate Degree or Certificate, will be capable of performing the entry-level skills needed in the respective major or field of study.

If the student is subsequently judged by an employer to be lacking in technical job skills normally expected of an entry-level employee within their major, the College will provide remediation at the employer's request, permitting the student to retake a specified course or courses up to 16 semester credit hours within two academic years without additional charge for tuition or fees.

The College provides the same assurance for its continuing education services and short-term training programs and activities for economic development, job upgrading, personal development, and public service. If a continuing education or short-term training student fails to achieve the learning objectives for a course or program, that student can repeat the module or program at no additional cost.

The College has articulation agreements with several colleges/universities. These agreements guarantee the transferability of the associate degree and/or specific courses. Students following the direction of College advisors are assured transferability of earned credits.

The College assures transferring institutions that students who are transferring are competent in courses completed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better.

The College participates in the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). To fulfil the minimum requirements of the MTA, students must successfully complete at least 30 credits with at least a grade of 2.0 in each course. These credits will be certified by the College prior to sending to receiving institutions.

The College will, upon recommendation from the institution to which the student transferred, permit the student to retake any course or courses in areas deemed deficient for up to 16 semester credit hours within two academic years. This retake shall result in no tuition charges for the student.

References: Tuition Appeal Procedure

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