Attendance - Class

Office of Origin: Academic & Student Services
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Last Date Modified & Approved: 01-27-09

Policy Statement:

It is consistent with the College philosophy that regular class attendance is necessary if the student is to receive maximum benefit from the course. Students are expected to be fully prepared and to attend every class and laboratory period for which they have registered. Absences should be explained to the instructor and must be made up by the student in a way satisfactory to the instructor within a reasonable period of time after returning to class. Attendance is a requirement for most financial aid awards.

There are special events and circumstances that may make it desirable that students miss one class in order to attend the special session session of another class. However, if this is the case, attendance at the special session should be optional. The class originally scheduled for the time period involved has priority. Students, after having consulted with the instructors involved, must make the ultimate choice regarding which class session or event to attend. Although circulation of lists of students expected to attend a special event is desirable to notify colleagues of an impending conflict, unless signed and approved by the dean, such a list does not constitute an excused absence. In the case of an excused absence, students should be given an opportunity to make up graded, in-class exercises that were missed. Graded materials done outside of class, but due on the day missed, should be completed prior to an excused absence.

If there are recurring special events, such as athletic contests, in which attendance by students will be required, students and advisors should not schedule any classes that conflict with the special events. If occasional conflicts cannot be avoided, contacts should be made as early as possible with all involved instructors so that adequate planning can be made to avoid putting students in a position where they will be penalized for non-attendance.

A student who claims illness as a cause for excessive absence must be prepared to present a statement from the attending physician. If absences are incurred at the end of the semester or during the final examination, a grade of Incomplete may be given.

Two weeks of consecutive absences or failure to attend 20 percent of the scheduled semester contact hours for a class makes a student subject to withdrawal from the class at the recommendation of the instructor. Students in the Nursing and Radiologic Technology programs are subject to withdrawal from class if absences exceed one week’s class and clinical hours. Technical classes are also included where hazardous conditions may cause injury to students or damage to equipment through misuse. Lake Michigan College will comply with legal requests of governmental and private agencies for information on student attendance.

Note:Student is responsible to Drop or Withdraw from courses. LMC does not Drop or Withdraw based on attendance.

Responsibility:Executive Dean, Student Services