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Audits, Tests, and Accreditation

Office of Origin: Chief Financial Officer
Responsibility: Chief Financial Officer; Dean of Accreditation, Planning, and Quality
Date Originally Adopted: 3-29-22
Date Reviewed: 3-29-22        
Last Date Approved: 3-29-22

The Lake Michigan College (the College) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Dean of Accreditation, Strategic Projects, & Quality (Dean, ASPQ) must be notified of every external examination (e.g., audits, accreditation and regulatory reviews, accreditation and site visits, etc.)

Audits, Tests, and Regulatory Reviews 

A coordinator will be appointed by the supervising Cabinet member to coordinate the audits, tests (e.g., penetration testing, etc.) or regulatory reviews. All requests for information or interviews related to the audit or regulatory review must go through this coordinator or their designee. 

Accreditation and Accreditation/Site Visits 

The Dean, ASPQ or their designee will be responsible for coordinating accreditation activities and accreditation/site visits. All requests for information or interviews related to these must go through the Dean, ASPQ or their designee.


The College will provide external examination personnel with access to all relevant records on a timely basis except those determined by the College to be legally privileged or protected. Availability of records is subject to the Record Retention policy, which allows destruction of records within prescribed limits.  

External Examination Reports

No external examination report may be finalized/submitted without the approval of the supervising Cabinet member.

A copy of all final drafts as well as final reports arising from an external examination (including, but not limited to, internal audits, compliance reviews/audits, regulatory reviews/audits, penetration testing, desk reviews/audits, etc.) must be provided to the CFO and the Dean, ASPQ within 7 days of receipt.

Any employee who fails to comply with these requirements may be subject to disciplinary action ranging from reprimand to discharge.


References:  Record Retention policy, Grants policy

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