Background Check - Employee

Office of Origin: Human Resources
Date Adopted: 11-22-05
Date Reviewed: 08-19-08
Last Date Modified & Approved:

Policy Statement:

To ensure that qualified individuals are hired to fill open positions, background checks are necessary to help determine the applicant’s employability and to promote a safe work environment for our students, personnel, property and information.

All candidates selected for regular full- and part-time positions at Lake Michigan College will be informed of the requirement for background checks and asked for their written authorization. The College may use a third party to conduct the background checks in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Background information refers to reference checks, education verification, employment verification, financial reports, criminal activity, etc.

All information obtained from the reference and background check process will be used only in the employment process and will be strictly confidential. Only appropriate Human Resources personnel will have access to this information.

If a negative result is found, the President, the Vice President of Administrative Services and Special Assistant to the President and the Division Administrator will determine the business necessity for denial of employment.

Responsibility:Vice President, Administrative Services & Special Assistant to the President

References:Fair Credit Reporting Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964