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Cameras & Recording Devices in the Workplace

Office of Origin: Human Resources
Responsibility: Executive Director, Human Resources
Original Date Adopted: 4/26/22
Dates Reviewed: 4/26/22
Last Date Board Approved: 4/26/22

Lake Michigan College (the College) prohibits employee use of audio and video recording in the workplace, including camera-equipped phones, tablets and other devices, when necessary to secure employee and/or student privacy and/or to protect trade secrets and other proprietary business information. 

Restrictions on Employee Use

Employees are prohibited from bringing audio or video recording devices into areas where employee and/or student privacy may be compromised. 

Employees are prohibited from bringing audio or video recording devices into areas and/or meetings where company trade secrets or proprietary business information could be disclosed. 

Employees may record workplace activities that are not prohibited by law or do not compromise confidential information as described above.

College Use

The College reserves the right to install security cameras in work areas for specific business reasons, such as security, theft protection, or protection of proprietary information.

The College may find it necessary to monitor work areas with security cameras when there is a specific job- or business-related reason to do so. The College will do so only after first ensuring that such action is in compliance with state and federal laws.

Employees should not have any expectation of privacy in work and work-related areas. 

Employee privacy in non-work areas will be respected to the extent possible. The College’s reasonable suspicion of onsite drug use, physical abuse, theft, or similar circumstances would be possible exceptions. Legal advice will be sought in advance in such rare cases where non-work-area privacy must be compromised. 

Employees should contact their supervisor or the Human Resource Department with questions about this policy.

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