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College Brand Identity (Policy)

Office of Origin: Marketing and Communications Department
Responsibility: Executive Director, Marketing and Communications
Original Date Adopted: 04-18-95
Dates Reviewed: 06-25-2019, 05-17-23
Last Date Board Approved: 08-27-2019, 08-15-23

The Lake Michigan College brand will be communicated in a coherent, consistent manner in alignment with LMC’s Brand Guide and according to federal trademark and copyright law. 

Consistent and proper oversight of Lake Michigan College’s brand distinguishes our identity in the marketplace, strengthens our brand’s value, and our ability to protect it from unauthorized use.

This policy applies to the entire college system and governs the use of all materials and merchandise produced to communicate on behalf of the college. This includes graphic and non-graphic works, print, written and digital publications, multimedia, symbols, trademarks, logos, seals, wordmarks, copyrighted works, mascots, athletic and spirit marks, names and taglines. 

College employees must include appropriate Lake Michigan College branding in the creation of communication materials. No individual or department may create its own unauthorized logo or sub-brand. No trademark, wordmark, campus signature or logo extension may be altered. Non-authorized images may not be used to represent Lake Michigan College or any of its divisions, departments, programs or offices without approval. 

Any use of college trademarks on commercial merchandise is prohibited unless produced through an approved licensed vendor. The college name and branded visual assets shall not be used for any purpose by any external organization, group or activity without express approval of Lake Michigan College’s Marketing and Communications Department. 

A LMC Marketing Representative should be consulted in cases when it is unclear whether or not a proposed use is permissible.

References: Lake Michigan College Brand Guide

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