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Consensual Relationships with Students (Policy)

Office of Origin:Human Resources
Responsibility: Executive Director of Human Resources
Original Date Adopted: 11-22-08
Dates Reviewed: 07-18-18, 4-5-23(C)
Last Date Board Approved: 5-6-23

Romantic and/or sexual relationships (hereafter referred to as “consensual relationships”) that occur in an educational or supervisory context present serious ethical concerns and can compromise Lake Michigan College’s (the College) academic and working environment. Therefore, the College strongly discourages consensual relationships between employees and students.


  1. employee or contracted worker may not solicit, initiate, or enter into a consensual relationship with a student subject to their supervision or their evaluation;
  2. a faculty, lecturer, or any class instructor may not solicit, initiate, or enter into a consensual relationship with any person known to the individual to be a student for whom the faculty, lecturer, or class instructor has, or should reasonably expect to have in the future, academic or other responsibility (instructional, evaluative, formal advising, or supervisory).

An employee or contracted worker entering into a consensual relationship with a student, as defined in this policy, must report the relationship to Human Resources as well as to their supervisor. A pre-existing consensual relationship must be reported in the same manner.



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