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Continuing Education Units

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Academic Affairs 
Date Adopted: 01-27-87 
Date Reviewed: 12-05-17 
Last Date Modified & Approved: 4-17-2018

Policy Statement: 

As determined by demand, Lake Michigan College shall offer continuing education services (credit-free) programs and activities for economic development, job upgrading, personal development and public service (e.g., short courses, seminars, workshops, conferences concerts, lectures and forums.). When participants attend Continuing Education and Contract Training programs, participants may receive CEUs (Continuing Education Units) which are approved by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Participants must complete a Lake Michigan College Continuing Education registration form to receive CEUs and successfully complete the course.  Enrollees may also obtain an official transcript of CEU courses, seminars and certificate programs taken to improve professional development skills at Lake Michigan College.  Participants have the responsibility to verify applicability with their respective sponsoring organization or professional board before attending a program.

Where necessary, Continuing Education Units (CEU) shall be awarded for satisfactory participation in the credit-free activities that meet specific instructional criteria. The administration shall establish procedures as may be required to implement this policy effectively. 

  1. One Hour = .1 CEU
  2. These courses and programs are designed to meet the regional community needs of our students and businesses, and fees are determined accordingly.
  3. Registration fees for Continuing Education courses, seminars or certificate programs, and Contract Training programs must be paid by the individual enrolled or the sponsoring organization.
  4. The College reserves the right to require documentation acceptable to the College in all cases of residency determination and verification for State of Michigan programs including, but not limited to, the following: current address, voter registration, driver’s license, high school transcript, social security number.
  5. Discretion in adjusting this policy is vested with the Board of Trustees or its designee.

Responsibility:    Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs


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