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Distance Education (Policy)

Office of Origin: Academic Services 
Responsibility: Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Date Adopted: 11-26-13 
Date Reviewed: 11-08-16, 9-15-21(C)
Last Date Modified & Approved: 3-28-17 

All courses in which 75% or more of the course content is delivered online or via other distance delivery methods must comply with the procedural standards for course design, faculty training, course management, and course review set forth in the Distance Education Handbook. Distance education courses must be equivalent in content and student learning objectives to the same courses offered in face-to-face formats. Faculty teaching distance education courses must possess the same qualifications as those required for traditional sections of the same course and must complete the College’s distance education training or equivalent. The Distance Education Manager must approve any course delivered under the auspices of this policy to assure that all standards for course design, delivery, faculty training, and course review have been met prior to offering the course via distance education. In addition, all distance education courses must comply with the federal definition of a credit hour, as documented in the Credit Hour Definition and Program Length policy.

References:        Distance Education Handbook and Credit Hour Definition and Program Length Policy

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