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Dress Code

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Human Resources                        
Date Adopted: 
Last Date Modified & Approved: 1-7-19, 3-19-19

Lake Michigan College strives to be an institution where employees enjoy their work environment while delivering excellent services to our students and communities. Our goal is to create an environment that is comfortable and encourages open communication across all levels and divisions within the institution. We recognize the importance of having an environment where employees dress appropriately for conducting business in their departments during working hours and when representing the College. Appropriate dress and personal hygiene are important in promoting a positive image for our constituents - both internally and externally. 

These guidelines are an effort to establish broad parameters for appropriate professional attire, with the understanding that most departments and offices have at least some uniqueness in terms of operating needs. All employees are required to present a professional image to students, other employees, and the general public by dressing for the work day. Employees are expected to wear clean and neat attire appropriate to the type of job they perform, and employee identification badges must be worn.

Employees are expected to consider each day’s activities when determining what to wear. When hosting meetings with visitors to the campus, employees should adhere to a business casual or better standard. Business casual may include apparel such as polo and button-down shirts, sweaters, pants, and business casual LMC logo wear. Jeans must be neat, clean and free of holes and/or fraying and should not be part of daily casual dress. Regardless of the apparel, it is essential to avoid wearing anything that is excessively worn, frayed, wrinkled. 

If a supervisor believes an employee is dressed inappropriately, the supervisor will meet with the employee and discuss his/her concerns. Supervisors may request that a representative from Human Resources attend the meeting.

These guidelines are not intended to preclude any department policies requiring employees to wear a uniform, lab coat, gloves, specific shoes, protective wear or other items needed to comply with internal procedures or safety and external regulatory requirements. 

Responsibility: President 

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