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Emergency Preparedness and Response (Policy)

Office of Origin: Facilities Management
Date Adopted: 04-28-09
Date Reviewed: 06-25-2018, 07-13-18
Last Date Modified & Approved: 07-13-18

Lake Michigan College is committed to providing a safe environment that is conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence.  Pursuant to its obligations under Federal, State and local laws/regulations, the College has established Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans and Procedures that provide protective measures for the health and safety of our students, residents, faculty/staff, and guests during an emergency situation.

The College through its partnerships with Emergency Management Professionals will continue to upgrade the plans and procedures and will publicize in a manner that reaches students, residents, faculty/staff and guests.

Plan and procedures effectiveness will be achieved through routine testing of practice drills.

Responsibility: Executive Director, Facilities Management and Director, Public Safety and Coordinator/Evening Administrator

References:    Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans and Procedures

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