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Facility Usage

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Mendel Operations
Date Adopted: 06-23-92
Date Reviewed: 08-13-08
Last Date Modified & Approved: 08-13-08

Policy Statement:
Lake Michigan College's facilities are intended to be used for academic classes, continuing education programs, business and industry training, and community services programs. Rental of space to outside agencies or persons must be for programs related to the College mission. The following policy supports the College's educational and workforce training mission.

  1. This policy shall apply to the following facilities:
    1. Napier Avenue Campus, including:
      • Napier Academic Building
      • Mendel Center
    2. Bertrand Crossing Campus
    3. Michigan-Technical Education Center (M-TEC)
    4. South Haven Campus
  2. All activities in college facilities must be either:
    1. Regular academic course offerings
    2. Continuing education
    3. College sponsored community service activity
    4. Business and Industry training
  3. Any outside sponsored program that does not fall within section two above will be referred to Mendel Operations and will be subject to the Mendel Operation’s standard rental fee structure.
  4. Any exception requests to the above must be referred to the Executive Director, Mendel Operations and recommended to the President’s Cabinet before space can be allocated.

Responsibility: Executive Director, Mendel Operations

References:Main Building Usage

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