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Facility Rental (Policy)

Office of Origin: Facilities Management & Mendel Center Operations
Responsibility: Executive Director, Mendel Center Operations; Executive Director, Facilities Management; Director of Regional Campuses
Original Date Adopted: 06-23-92
Dates Reviewed: 08-13-08, 3-24-21 (C)
Last Date Board Approved: 03-09-21, 6-22-21

Lake Michigan College (the College) is committed to continuously improving academic excellence, student success, and community impact to help individuals and communities grow. College's facilities are intended to be used for academic classes, continuing education programs, business and industry training, other learning experiences, and community activities. College academic classes and internal use needs are the first priority, and space will be provided without room rental charges. Rental of space to outside agencies or persons must be for programs related to the College mission: “Together we empower people and communities to thrive through education, innovation and experiences”.

Rental of space is at the discretion of the College.

Rental rates are based on market value and include, at a minimum, covering the College’s cost associated with the rental event. Rates are reviewed annually by the President’s Cabinet. The College has the right to sponsor, discount or waive any or all rental fees.

References: Facility Rental Procedure

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