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Hazard Communication Program (Policy)

Office of Origin: Administrative Services
Date Adopted: 02-24-87
Dates Reviewed: 06-26-2018, 07-09-18
Last Date Modified & Approved: 07-09-18

Lake Michigan College is committed to pursuing the active enforcement of the Right-to-Know Law by following the College’s written Hazard Communication Procedure. Pursuant to its obligations under the Federal and State statutes, and in conformity with other legal and moral obligations, the College will implement this program through the Office of Administrative Services in conjunction with employee training through the Offices of Human Resources and Facilities Management.
Inquiries by College students, faculty, staff members, and persons providing services to or for the College, in reference to adherence to this policy may be directed or referred to the Office of Administrative Services.  A copy of relevant laws, regulations and policy may be found in the Office of Administrative Services.

Responsibility:  Vice President, Administrative Services

References: Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (Act 154 of 1974); Michigan Public Health Code (Act 368 of 1978)

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