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Hospitalization of a Student

Office of Origin: Campus Life
Responsibility: Executive Director, Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Life
Original Date Adopted: 10-12-21
Dates Reviewed: 10-12-21, 02-08-22
Last Date Board Approved: 04-26-22

When Lake Michigan College (the “College”) personnel are informed a student of the College has been transported to the hospital from the Benton Harbor, South Haven, or Niles campus, available support services will be provided to the student by an employee of the College. If the student in question is unconscious or non-communicative, a College representative will contact the student’s emergency contact. The College will collect emergency contact information for all students upon application to the College.

In the case of a hospitalization of a student, a College representative will provide information to the student regarding the return to campus procedure. A meeting must be completed with a CARE team representative(s) prior to returning to campus. Based on recommendations from this meeting, a CARE team representative(s) will work with the student to create a student success plan. 

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