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Investments (Policy)

Office of Origin: Finance             
Responsibility: Chief Financial Officer 
Date Adopted: 05-22-01
Dates Reviewed: 01-15-12, 11-20-17, 10-27-20
Last Date Board Approved: 10-27-20 

Lake Michigan College (the College) will invest funds in a manner that will comply with state and federal statutes governing the investment of public funds while providing the highest investment return and meeting the cash flow needs of the College.  

This policy applies to College investments but excludes those of the Lake Michigan College Foundation.   

The College will comply with section 389.142 of the Michigan Community College Act of 1966 No. 331, as amended and the Divestment from Terror Act of 2008. 

Michigan Community College Act No. 331, as amended 
Divestment from Terror Act of 2008  

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