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IT Governance (Policy)

Office of Origin: Information Technologies
Responsibility: Executive Director, IT & IR
Original Date Adopted: 03-19-2019
Dates Reviewed: 03-19-2019, 08-03-2022 (C)
Last Date Approved: 03-19-2019


Lake Michigan College’s (the College) Information Technologies (IT) governance structure is intended to ensure technology efforts are strategically aligned, supported by resources, and meeting the needs of stakeholders.  The governance structure operates through committees and processes to collaboratively prioritize projects and initiatives so resources are deployed purposefully to support users and the College’s strategic priorities.

The primary component of the IT governance structure is the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC), which consists of individuals from all areas of the college, including students.  (See the IT Governance – Project Proposal Recommendation & Prioritization Process procedure for more information.)  The members of the ITSC are expected to actively participate in understanding, evaluating, recommending, and communicating out about the use of non-routine IT resources for projects.   


Specifically, the IT governance structure is responsible for: 

  • Creating a timely, objective, and consistent framework for evaluation and prioritization of technology projects and initiatives.
  • Identifying and assessing the impact of proposed projects on IT infrastructure, funding, and human resources to allow limitations to be accepted or addressed with supplemental resources. 
  • Ensuring that proposed projects meet security standards, including identifying data sources to maintain data integrity.
  • Making recommendations to Cabinet of priorities.
  • Providing transparency around project proposals, evaluation, resources, priorities, and progress for approved projects.

Responsibility: Manager, IT Services 

References: IT Governance – Project Proposal Recommendation & Prioritization Process procedure; Banner Core Team Charter; Academic Committee Listing

Date of Other Approvals: Institutional Coordinating Council (ICC) - 2/19/19; Cabinet - 2/27/19

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