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IT Service Levels Agreement (Policy)

Office of Origin: Information Technologies
Responsibility: Director, IT Operations
Original Date Adopted: 08-25-2020
Dates Reviewed: 08-25-2020, 12-13-23
Last Date Approved: 08-25-2020

To set expectations between Lake Michigan College (College) technology users and the Information Technology (IT) department, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been established, as outlined in the related procedure.

In addition to defining responsibilities of IT in serving users and of users seeking support, SLAs establish response expectations and provide transparency and accountability when SLA metrics are reviewed.

This policy establishes a mutual agreement between IT as the service provider and the users on IT / user responsibilities (below) and on hours of operations, and expected response times (in the procedure.)

IT Responsibilities

  • Respond to service tickets within the timelines established by the SLAs
  • Provide clear and timely updates to users in open service tickets
  • Be fair, consistent, and transparent in prioritizing issues

User Responsibilities

  • Use the Jira Ticketing System to report an issue or request assistance
  • Provide all available information in the Jira ticket, such error message received, steps taken, expected results versus actual results
  • Involve IT as early as possible when considering new or changed software or hardware and when a new software release is coming
  • Provide IT with technical vendor contact information

References: IT Service Levels Agreement procedure

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