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Learning Resource Center Use (Policy)

Office of Origin: Academic Affairs
Responsibility: Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Date Adopted: 09-12-88
Original Date Reviewed: 11-08-2016, 3-28-17, 3-17-21(C)
Last Date Board Approved: 3-28-17

The William Hessel Learning Resource Center at Lake Michigan College (the College) provides print and audio-visual materials, online resources, reference assistance, computer access, and interlibrary loan services. Current students and employees may access computers, as well as printing and photocopying services, with their College login credentials.

Guests may also use the Learning Resource Center. Guests who reside in the College’s district have borrowing privileges and may use computers designated for public use. Guests may purchase a print card in Student Affairs to set up a print/photocopying account.

Learning Resource Center services are provided within the guidelines of the copyright law.

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