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Posthumous Degrees (policy)

Office of Origin:  Records & Registration  
Responsibility:  Registrar  
Original Date Adopted:  03-07-2023  
Dates Reviewed:  03-07-2023 
Last Date Board Approved:  03-07-2023

Lake Michigan College (LMC or the College) recognizes the significance of loss to the College, family, and friends of a student or former student of LMC.  The award of a posthumous degree may be an appropriate recognition of a student’s academic achievement when the student’s progress would have likely fulfilled the requirements of a degree or certificate except for the occurrence of death.

An employee or a student’s family member may recommend a deceased student for a posthumous degree.  The recommendation, along with an obituary, death certificate, or other documentation of the student’s passing, should be submitted to the Registrar.

The Registrar will submit recommendations, documentation, and a review of the student’s academic progress to the Cabinet for approval.  If approved, the award will be processed and the diploma sent to the family.  If denied, a letter of explanation will be sent to the recommender.

For approved posthumous degree awards:

  1. The award will be noted in the student information system in one of the following ways:

    • If the student has met all the requirements for the program, a regular degree award will be processed, coded AW for the current term.  A note will be added to indicate the degree was awarded posthumously.
    • If the student has not met all the requirements for the program, a posthumous degree award will be processed, coded PH for the current term.
  2. The student’s name and posthumous degree will be included in the commencement program.
  3. The student’s name will not be released with other graduate names to the newspaper.
  4. The student’s family member(s) may elect to participate in the commencement ceremony as a representative of the student.


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