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Professor Emeritus Appointments of Teaching Faculty (Policy)

Office of Origin: Board of Trustees 
Responsibility: Provost, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Faculty Association, College President 
Date Adopted: 08-24-10 
Dates Reviewed: 05-11-12, 12-13-17, 06-08-22
Last Date Approved: 12-13-17, 06-08-22

This policy addresses the appointment of retired full-time teaching faculty of Lake Michigan College (the College) to the status of Professor Emeritus and the rights and privileges accompanying such appointments.

The College’s Professor Emeritus status policy is intended to honor faculty who retire from the College and have made extraordinary contributions through exemplary teaching, community outreach, and/or within their academic discipline. Reserved for those who have earned such a distinction over the course of at least fifteen (15) years of dedicated service, nominations must reflect especially meritorious scholarly and/or professional contributions to the College. Typically, no more than one Professor Emeritus appointment can be granted in any given year. However, exceptions may be made by the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The rights and privileges of those honored with emeritus status are defined in the Professor Emeritus Appointments of Teaching Faculty Procedure. 

Professor Emeritus Appointments of Teaching Faculty Procedure
Education Association Agreement

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