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Employee Compliance with Requirements of External Organizations (Policy)

Office of Origin:  Human Resources
Responsibility:  Executive Director, Human Resources 
Date Adopted:  1-24-06
Dates Reviewed:  7-17-18, 4-28-21(C), 03-07-2023
Last Date Approved by Board:  03-07-2023

Lake Michigan College (the College) employees and students must comply with requirements of external agencies if those requirements are necessary to fulfilling employment duties and/or student program of study requisites.

Requirements imposed by external agencies may include criminal background checks, fingerprint screenings, drug screenings, and/or unannounced or random drug testing. Examples include:

  • Hospitals and other healthcare organizations require criminal background checks before granting clinical privileges. Clinical privileges are required for faculty to teach or supervise students in a clinical environment.
  • School systems require criminal background checks before participating in classroom activities or working with school children.

References:    Michigan Public Act 303 of 2002
                       Michigan Public Acts 27, 28 and 29 of 2006

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