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Resignation (Policy)

Office of Origin: Human Resources 
Responsibility: Executive Director, Human Resources
Original Date Adopted: 09-27-05 
Dates Reviewed: 07-12-18, 7-28-21(C)
Last Date Board Approved: 9-21-21

To meet the operating needs of Lake Michigan College (the College), a reasonable period of advance notice is necessary to facilitate the replacement process for the voluntary separation of an employee by resignation or retirement.

All resignation or retirement notices must be submitted in writing to Human Resources (HR.) The Voluntary Resignation Form may be used for this purpose.

Administrative, Professional/Technical, and Classified staff must provide advance notice to the employee’s direct supervisor with a copy to HR at least 14 calendar days prior to the effective date. Cabinet members must submit advance notice at least 28 calendar days prior to the effective date.

The advance notice period must include at least 14/28 calendar days of time actually worked. Vacation, personal days, and/or sick leave (“paid time off”) may be included in the advance notice period as long as at least 14/28 calendar days are actually worked as well. Paid time off may not be included in the advance notice period requirement to shorten the 14/28 calendar days, unless express permission to do so is given by the Executive Director, HR due to extraordinary circumstances.

All unused paid time off is forfeited upon any type of separation from employment, and will not be paid out to the employee.

Failure of an employee to provide the required advance notice will result in the employee being ineligible for rehire, and could impact the employee reference.

Any employee who is absent from work for 3 consecutive days without approval may, at the College’s discretion, be deemed to have resigned without notice, unless the employee can show that a request for approval was not possible due to circumstances beyond the employee’s control.



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