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Sabbatical Leave - Administrators & Professional/Technical Staff (Policy)

Office of Origin: Human Resources
Responsibility: Executive Director, Human Resources
Original Date Adopted: 2-28-90
Dates Reviewed: 11-22-08, 7-17-18, 2-23-21
Last Date Approved by Board: 2-23-21

The purpose of sabbatical leave is for professional study, work on publications, educational travel, travel combined with study, research, professional development, or other purposes that in the opinion of the President will improve the quality of Lake Michigan College (the College).

Administrators and Professional/Technical staff (the Employee) are eligible to apply for sabbatical leave of up to 12 months after completion of 7 continuous years of employment at the College.

Application for sabbatical leave must be submitted to the President by February 1 of the year the requested sabbatical leave is to begin. The President’s decision to approve or deny a requested sabbatical leave will be made by March 31 annually, and will be final. The President will report her/his decisions to the Board of Trustees.

The number of Employees on sabbatical leave at any one time may be limited to 1. No Employee will be entitled to more than 1 year of sabbatical leave in any 7-year period.

Within 60 days of return from sabbatical leave, the Employee will provide a written report of their experiences and professional development gains to the President, Human Resources, and Cabinet, along with any additional documentation requested.

Commitment to Return & Compensation While on Sabbatical Leave

Upon accepting a sabbatical leave, the Employee must certify to the College her/his intention to return to her/his position with the College for a period double in length of the sabbatical leave granted.

An Employee granted sabbatical leave may not engage in paid work while on sabbatical leave without the approval of the President. Scholarships, fellowships, and/or grants from approved colleges, universities, and other organizations that do not interfere with the program of professional improvement are exempted.

If granted sabbatical leave, the Employee will receive 50% of her/his base wage for the period of sabbatical leave. An Employee on sabbatical leave will be entitled to receive raises and/or other improved employee benefits granted to other Employees during the period of sabbatical leave.

All employee benefits will be continued during the sabbatical leave as though the Employee were on her/his regular assignment, except paid time off (e.g., vacation leave, sick leave, personal days) will not accrue.

The College may request reimbursement from the Employee of wages paid and/or cost of benefits provided due to any of the following:

  • failure to accomplish the stated objectives of the sabbatical leave,
  • failure to complete agreed upon amount of service to the College following the sabbatical leave, or
  • failure to return from the sabbatical leave.
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