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LMC Shared Services with Contractors and On-Campus Partners (Policy)

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: President’s Office
Responsibility: Senior Executive Assistant to the President
Date Adopted: 09-24-19
Date Reviewed: 02-26-20, 10-14-20, 10-21-20, 11-04-20
Last Date Approved: 02-26-20, 10-21-20, 01-26-2021

Lake Michigan College (the College) utilizes contractors and on-campus partners to provide some of its support services. The College’s expectation is that services will be seamless with no ability for the customer to differentiate between the quality provided by in-house versus contracted services.

The College shares with members of its contractors and on-campus partners* some of the same services afforded its own employees in return for meeting or exceeding this expectation.

Requirements: Participants must be regularly assigned to the College and be full- or part-time employees of the contractor or an on-campus partner.

Shared LMC Services:

  1. LMC Tuition Waiver - 3 credit hours tuition waiver only per Fall and Spring Semesters. Participants will be responsible for all associated fees and required text. College will request match from each business.
  2. Free Professional Development Events
  3. Attendance at College wide Engagement Events
  4. Free Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) Training Opportunities
  5. $7 Ticket Discount to most shows on the Mendel Center Mainstage. This discount may not be available for some performances listed as “Special Engagements.” Check with the Mendel Center box office if interested in attending one of these special engagements.
  6. Whirlpool VIPLink Discount
  7. Photo ID – LMC Contracted Services
  8. Bookstore Discount of 10% off general merchandise excluding food and textbooks
  9. Kidzone Discount of 5% off all services including drop in and longer care
  10. Free Wellness Center Participation

*Note: Participation with approval of applicable Cabinet member.

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