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Student Appeal Committee

LMC Revised Date

Office of Origin: Student Services
Date Adopted: 01-28-86
Date Reviewed: 06-26-07
Last Date Modified & Approved: 10-24-08

Policy Statement:

I.Jurisdiction — The Student Appeal Committee shall hear and determine appeals in the following situations: Student-, faculty-, or staff-generated complaints concerning student conduct excluding grades.

II.Composition — The Student Appeal Committee shall consist of two (2) students from the Student Senate, two (2) faculty (one from each division) or staff outside the department and the opposite Divisional Executive Dean. The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics will chair and facilitate the Student Appeal Committee and is a non-voting member. The Student Senate, Divisions and Departments will annually create a pool of participants from which to draw committee members.

* Division refers to that of the faculty referenced in the complaint.

Responsibility:Executive Dean, Student Services

References:College Handbook

Rationale: In the absence of recorded history, records do not reflect the active implementation of a Student Appeal Board since approval in 1986; moreover, current climate requires a judicial process based on the assumption that disciplinary procedures, when required, should be an educational process. To that end students at Lake Michigan College have rights and responsibilities as members of the community to participate actively in the judicial process. The general conduct of the community on campus and resolution of conflicts among members requires procedures of due process.

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